Discovering the Cretan mountains: Skinakas Observatory

 Unique experience in the high altitude part of the Cretan landscape.

In the central and highest mountain of Crete, Psiloritis, an observatory has been settled more than thirty years ago. In fact, in 1986, the year that the Halley’s comet passed close to Earth, the Physics department of the University of Crete in collaboration with Greek and German institutions built the observatory on the peak called Skinakas (1750 m. elevation), west of the higher peak of the mountain.

Skinakas Observatory is named after the placename of the peak. During the late 1980s and the 1990s the installation was expanded adding two more telescope sites and a guesthouse. Now there are two telescopes in use, and the installation is seasonally inhabited by researchers, from April to November each year. Each third Sunday from June to September the Skinakas Observatory is open to the public in the evening.

⇑ Pros: unique experience of the mountainous aspect of the Cretan landscape, visit of one prominent observatory, excellent view from the peak.

 Cons: be aware of the narrow, and damaged by snowfalls, road close to the observatory

🔝 Best time to visit: May- September, during the open days

For more info: visit the website of the observatory. For 2019, those are the open days: 19/05, 23/06, 21/07, 25/08, 22/09.

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