Monumental Plane Tree in Krasi, Heraklion: one of the oldest trees in Europe

One of the oldest and thickest plane trees in the world, listed as Monument of Nature by the Greek Ministry of Environment, fits perfect with the neighboring listed complex of fountains in the village #Krasi. Through all the years of its existence, the monumental plane tree witnessed many historical events, and the presence of the great Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis. 
The monumental plane tree of Krasi ©cretanplaces

Krasi was listed as a place of special natural beauty in 1970 [1]. A stone built complex of fountains who was constructed in 1890, the "Megali Vrisi" aqueduct, was listed as a Historic Site in 2001 as "it is an interesting special building, it acts as a point of reference for the region and is inextricably linked with the historical memories of the residents" [2]. In 2007 a study of the local Forestry Service revealed many interesting facts about the historic plane tree of Krasi and proposed the designation of the tree as a monument [3]. Finally, that plane tree listed as a Monument of Nature that has to be preserved, in 2011 by the Greek Ministry of Environment [4].

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